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When you become a part of our group, you’ll find a community of like-minded people waiting for you with open hearts to share stories of healing...


Our Mission

At 21st Century Miracles, our mission is to bring together people who have experienced the Lord’s miracles, life and spiritual guidance.


Our Community

We have people from all walks of life united by a single purpose: sharing the testimonies of healing miracles they’ve experienced with others.

Hello There!

The idea for 21st Century Miracles came into being when my wife and I were witnesses to one of our Lord’s miracles, which resulted in our discovery of a newfound purpose.

Whether you’re a believer, a non-believer, or unsure of your faith, you’re welcome to join us.


There's Always Hope

From The Blog
Miracle Story
Miracle Story

I was writing to share my story. I am a truck driver but recently received a calling to write new music to put only on vinyl records.What feels like other people helping me out to make things happen nationwide, might just be God or an Angel helping along the way.From brief interactions, I believe God

5 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health
5 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health

  Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health. Though many people don’t give it the same attention as physical health, it needs just as much nurturing. That’s because we can strengthen our faith or strain it with our actions, just like the muscles of our body. Our mind, body, and spirit

3 Benefits of Sharing Miracles
3 Benefits of Sharing Miracles

The Christian ministry values miracles as divine acts by Jesus and a form of teaching to the parables; hence, Jesus was known as the miracle worker. The miracle-working God performs miracles every day to relieve his people of suffering. It’s miracles through which humanity has learned the value of faith, the law of love, the cure to sin, the consequence of sin, and the curse of impurity. Here’s why you should be sharing your miracles with the online community:


Miracles have never stopped happening for those who seek them.

Begin your journey with our Christian community online as we continue the sharing of God’s miracles.

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